With DubeYou, you can hear, speak and learn a new language in everyday context through familiar scenes in popular TV shows, movies, cartoons and trendy YouTube content.

This enables you to learn a new language naturally with emphasis on expressions, gestures and culture, without stressing over vocabulary. By dubbing your voice over the actors, you learn a new language the way native speakers do. This helps you to understand the meaning behind the sentences and to incorporate it into everyday use. With multiple levels of difficulty, you can begin with basic skills and gain fluency at your own pace.

What Makes


What Makes


The reading, writing and speaking material on other platforms are limited in scope and suited only for short conversations. DubeYou’s technique enables fluency in a language by actually speaking the language in a conversational tone.
While other online platforms do well in teaching vocabulary, they rarely instruct on how to use that vocabulary. DubeYou focuses on vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Many online platforms provide the easiest way to say something rather than the most natural way. DubeYou’s learning tools include pop culture references, idioms and popular phrases for a realistic, natural way of speaking a new language.
To truly know a language, you must understand the culture behind it. DubeYou includes tonal and cultural aspects to its learning material to fully understand why languages are spoken in a specific way.

Voice Acting and Drama
Have a Lot in Common


Read the script and understand the meaning.


Practice what to speak.


Understand the plot and speak with expressive intonation.


Acting as the character.